New Summery mirrors

new flowerburst mirrors

I’ve just completed a new edition of Flowerburst mirrors. Each time I make them I adapt something: this time they are mainly painted although some still have sections of silk covered areas.  I’ve blended lots of the colours and then screen printed over the top with a honeycomb pattern. They have quite a tropical feel and the over printing reminds me of Party Rings those brightly coloured iced biscuits!

The bees have changed too, they are still screen printed but they now have pearlised wings -which is pretty difficult to capture on film!

I’ve made lots of smaller ones this time and only a few bigger ones as these seem more popular with galleries. I’ll be sending a batch up to Staffordshire Shire hall Craft gallery at the end of the week to buzz around there for a while.

See the full edition on my Mirrors page