Gone batty!

Ecco mirrors

Finally, these are my new Bat inspired designs.

A new edition of 7  laser cut mirrors and two new digital fabric designs for lampshades with two colour way options for each. Please take a look at my Mirrors section and Lampshade section for more images and info.

I’ve moved on to different pollinators.

Echolocation, the method by which bats find their food in the dark was the starting point for my designs. I attempted to visualise this process. I also reference cactuses- several species of these flowers hold the nectar that some of the smaller species of bats love and in turn pollenate in hotter lands.

There is a distinct triangular theme which I felt reflected the idea of sound waves and spikey cactuses but also the shape of bat wings.  The three petalled flowers were the outcome of digitally manipulating the triangles in Illustrator.